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Teams Flow when they learn to adapt

Teams Flow when they learn to adapt

Resilient, adaptive teams are high performing teams

The demands on today’s teams in increasingly complex and interdependent workplaces require an enhanced capacity for accurately assessing and rapidly responding to changing conditions, fluctuating priorities, and the day-to-day tensions that result. In this environment, exceptional team communication and collaboration skills are vital.

Adapting to changing and uncertain conditions in a dynamic, cohesive manner can be challenging for teams who struggle with frayed relationships, internal rivalry, limited perspectives, ambiguity about purpose, and/or a lack of collective clarity about roles, responsibilities and decision-making. Progress can feel obstructed and disjointed, escalating existing tensions and compounding pressures to perform. These conditions tend to undermine cooperation and thwart agile and responsive performance.

GLI understands how teams learn to adapt. When leaders and teams take time to strengthen relationships, include diverse perspectives, clarify goals and roles, and consider the best way to accomplish important work together, they can adapt more resiliently to uncertain conditions, and dramatically increase organizational performance and efficiency, keeping information, knowledge, and resources flowing in the right directions.

Services that Support Adaptive Teams

GLI offers several high-leverage, targeted services that support leaders and their teams in developing collaborative systems and relationships needed for high performance, responsiveness and adaptability within changing and uncertain work environments. Explore the links below to learn more about the different ways we can help.