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Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders for a Changing World

  • What is the current leadership culture in your organization and how effective is it?
  • What are the skills and attributes that underlie effective leadership? Are they part of your culture?
  • What styles of leadership are being called for at this time?

We believe these are vital questions. We know effective leadership is happening when organizations are aligned from top to bottom with their values and purpose—with that clarity comes a sense of what is needed (skills and attributes) by leaders and decision makers at every level.

GLI knows how to help organizations discover and create collective understanding of their leadership needs. Our partnership with you continues as we co-create the training, ongoing support, reinforcement practices, and metrics that will elevate performance and evaluate leadership success.

We are experts in creating high-trust, accelerated adult learning environments. We understand the core elements to developing adept leadership habits. We help participants collectively highlight the wisdom, expertise and strategies needed to be successful. They are guided to understand their own strengths, limitations, style preferences and biases that can support or interfere with their leadership.  Our cost effective programs always include either group or individual follow up to help participants cement learning, identify challenges, and make needed adjustments.

Below are examples of leadership development programs we have co-created with organizations.

Leader-as-Convener Workshops:


This practical, hands-on, three-day workshop is designed for leaders and influencers who want to learn collaborative leadership tools that engage and activate diverse stakeholders—both internal and external.

The nature of the interdependent challenges in so many workplace environments requires that leaders—present and future, from all levels and backgrounds—generate shared commitment byemployees and stakeholders to address critical issues in sustainable, inclusive ways.Convening tools enable more fulfilling, concerted and resilient performance. Bringing their ‘live’ issues into the workshop, participants experience and practice adaptable methodologies for facilitating group cohesion, accessing knowledge from the field, and easing conflict and overwhelm—all ultimately leading to wiser decision-making in service of the whole.

Participants explore a new leadership mode well suited to addressing the adaptive challenges facing many organizations today, and begin to lay the strategic steppingstones for a more satisfying and enduring way of working together in the future.

Learn more about this program.

Leadership Laboratory

This program is designed to help senior and mid-level managers elevate and refine their leadership practices. The Leadership Lab helps leaders to:

  • Increase their competence, confidence and courage in these challenging and complex times
  • Amplify personal strengths, peer networking, and team collaboration opportunities to tackle difficult and imminent organizational challenges
  • Promote sustainable leadership through self-care and personal mastery
  • Cultivate higher levels of thinking and wiser decision-making at every level of the organization

Leadership Round Table Training

This program enables leaders to be continual learners and with a cadre of peers who serve both as mentors and protégés, teachers and students, friends and colleagues. The Leadership Round Table training program is a structured means for creating long term, professional learning relationships amongst like-positioned leaders within an agency or organization. Learn more about this training program.