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Coaching Leaders

Coaching Leaders

Leaders deserve high-quality support.

In today’s organizations few leaders can afford merely to master their own personal leadership style. Increasing diversity in the workforce, speed of change, and demand for more inclusive and collaborative decisions and work—all require more flexibility and strength from today’s leaders. On the one hand, in order to draw out the best from your people and to successfully navigate these challenging times, you must have the flexibility to adapt. On the other hand, to garner trust and credibility you must know what you stand for and remain true to yourself.

Under pressure, it is hard to manage this balance.  Without support it is even more difficult.

Star athletes have personal coaches, often several, helping them hone each aspect of their game. We think leaders deserve the same.

GLI’s master leader coaches can help you develop both your flexibility and your strength.  If you need to stretch—to try new behaviors, create new habits, adapt and evolve as a leader—we can help.  If you need to tap your strengths—your sense of purpose, your deep values, your vision or your passion—we can help there, too.

Our coaching clients develop simple yet powerful practices that leverage their natural strengths or ease them into new territory and skills. Our one-on-one coaching sessions are completely confidential and tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals.