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Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

A visual record makes a lasting impact

GLI’s methodologies tap into both the left and right hemispheres of our brains. We believe that the important work we help our clients to do warrants them putting their whole brain into the effort!

Much of what is done in the workplace—scheduling, organization, analysis, technical communication, and serial processing—leverages the left-brain.  Many organizations find it difficult to consistently tap their people’s right brain. This can mean missing out on such right-hemisphere strengths such as creativity, metaphor, imagination, synthesis and quickly making meaning from complex information. Apparently, the two sides of our brain also process differently when it comes to emotions; scientists studying the two hemispheres believe that fear and anxiety originate from the left-brain, with joy and peace originating in the right-brain.

 We have found that creating a visual “map” or artifact of a team activity as it unfolds can be profoundly useful in organizing information, as it engages both hemispheres of the brain. After working with a group, instead of sending them several pages of notes, we provide a visually stimulating graphic record. In a quick glance, participants recall the important conversations, key themes and outcomes, and are instantly reminded of the impact of the experience.

Examples of Graphic Recordings

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