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Aligning Leaders & Teams

Aligning Leaders & Teams

Adaptive, high-performing teams know how to collaborate

In an increasingly complex and interdependent workplace, the need for exceptional communication and collaboration skills in and among teams is becoming vital. Organizational performance and efficiency can be tied directly to how well project and leadership teams collectively understand the goals, and work together adaptively to keep information and knowledge flowing in the right directions.

What are the behaviors of high functioning teams, and more importantly, how do we begin to routinely foster these behaviors?

In our experience, high functioning teams:

  • Have a collective understanding of their purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities
  • Have understanding, compassion and strategies for each individual team member’s strengths, limitations, and style preferences
  • Have efficient and inclusive meetings
  • Make clear, commonly understood decisions and action plans
  • Practice accountability by recording and disseminating decisions, action plans, etc. and follow up on implementation status
  • Respectfully vocalize the ground truth about their current reality and desired future
  • Attend to the long-term success and viability of their organization (strategy, vision, opportunities, strengthening relationships, and connections to stakeholders)
  • Tackle the pressing adaptive challenges within the team and organization

GLI works with clients and their teams to understand what is needed, and the underlying drivers of their current experience. We facilitate practical, cost-effective meetings and retreats that focus on desired outcomes and create lasting change. We know how to set leaders and their team up for long term success. 

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