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Changing Mindset

Upstream of changed behavior that lasts, is a changed mind.

There’s a reason so many diets and New Year’s resolutions fail to stick. It’s easy to set goals; it’s another thing altogether to meet our goals when doing so requires us literally to rewire our brains.  Our default “wiring” is what we call mindset; and it can affect our capacity to adapt, problem-solve and collaborate — even how we perceive the challenges in front of us.

Organizational cultures are deeply impacted by the prevailing collective mindset. Mindset determines the actions of and expectations for leaders, followers and stakeholders. Self-reinforcing by definition, mindsets tend to maintain the status quo, even when change is needed or desired. For example, if we see ourselves as authorities, experts or solution-providers, we may find it difficult to listen to divergent viewpoints, respond creatively to changing conditions, or truly collaborate with others. Changing how things are done, how we view our work, or how we measure success requires changing our mindset.

Working with mindset means meeting people where they’re starting from, acknowledging the mindset currently at play by making it visible to all. When individuals and groups take time to illuminate and define the mindsets behind their current thinking and behavior, they are better able to determine whether these mindsets are serving a mutual purpose or goal, what limitations they may present, and what shifts will be required.

GLI understands how to shift mindsets. The learning and discovery that occurs as a result of our approach can broaden both individual and collective perspectives, altering how participants see themselves and each other in relation to the purpose at hand. Our process helps participants draw from the collective wisdom in the room — to which they have contributed —in order to see the greater whole of what is, and what’s needed, what’s holding us back, and what’s possible going forward.


Services that Support Changing Mindset

GLI offers several high-leverage, targeted services that support leaders, teams, organizations and communities in identifying the collective mindsets that underpin their current reality, and what they can do to get more of the results they want. Explore the links below to learn more about the different ways we can help.