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Leaders Succeed When They Invite Participation

Leaders Succeed When They Invite Participation

By engaging others in defining challenges and exploring solutions leaders generate wiser decisions

Leaders today are overseeing workplace environments often characterized by rapid change, competing priorities, increasing diversity, tight budgets, mounting pressures, and urgent timeframes. Complex challenges such as these call for greater innovation and collaboration.  People need to make collective meaning of what they are experiencing, so they can adapt and respond quickly with wiser decisions that benefit the whole.

To succeed in this environment, leaders will need the participation and shared commitment of the employees and stakeholders who will ultimately be asked to change the way they perceive problems, think about solutions, and how they work. Commitment to change does not occur as a result of leadership edicts, re-orgs, or the imposition of large-scale, top-down change initiatives. It arises when leaders invest precious time to have inclusive, important conversations that strengthen relationships, generate fresh thinking and restore trust among the people who need to be on board.

GLI can help leaders tap into the innate wisdom and motivation of those vested in the organization in order to employ a strategy for long-term success. When leaders invite participation they are better able to:

  • Foster increased collaboration across programs, departments, and stakeholder groups
  • Build greater levels of trust amongst staff, encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Increase capacity for managing uncertainty and adapting to change
  • Promote more communication and interaction internally and externally, across the organization, in order to leverage collective knowledge
  • Cultivate leadership, adaptability and resiliency at all levels of the organization

Services that Support Successful Participation

GLI offers several high-leverage, targeted services that support leaders in their efforts to invite greater internal and external participation for solving the adaptive challenges many organizations face. Explore the links below to learn more about the different ways we can help.