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Cultures Shift When People Connect

Cultures Shift When People Connect

GLI understands how to foster change

Many believe that changing organizational culture starts with a new vision, mission or org chart. In fact, culture change is much more systemic and complex, and cannot be successfully accomplished without engaging the people whose behavior, assumptions and perspectives collectively define the existing culture. People need to change in order for their culture to change.

Leaders cannot change organizational culture by directive or command. For groups to undergo genuine culture change, people must feel included, valued, engaged, and connected — connected to a higher purpose, the need for change, and most importantly, to one another in order to take cohesive action. When we align with the bigger purpose and bond as a collective – whether a team, department, organization or community – we are better able to make the changes that benefit the whole.

GLI facilitators are experts in human dynamics, and understand how to access and leverage our innate human capacity to bond with others in order to reach for something greater than ourselves. We facilitate participatory, highly interactive experiences with our clients that yield:

  • An engaged and connected workforce
  • A clear, shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities being faced by the organization
  • Powerful, collective, strategic thinking about ways to mitigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities
  • Concerted action in service to important goals
  • Long-term culture change aligned with client desires

Services that Support Culture Change

GLI offers several high-leverage, targeted services that support leaders, teams and communities in their efforts to create more innovative, collaborative, sustaining cultures. Explore the links below to learn more about the different ways we can help.