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Calling All Gen X Leaders

February 28, 2010 by Jonathan Gilburg

We want to hear stories, anecdotes and ideas from fellow Gen X leaders (roughly 30-50 years old) who are trudging along in their organizations and ready to launch, if only…

We believe that many of us are feeling ready, discouraged, unsure, wanting more from our workplaces and unsure how to make an impact on the systemic dysfunction. I am sure we could all list a littany of creative work-arounds that allow us to personally navigate the organizations we are in to get things done.

But what about the system? How can I have an impact on such things? I guess that is a crux question for us in this generation. Strauss and Howe call us Nomads, because of our lone wolf capacity to survive and thrive in harsh environments (current workplaces) is astounding. Our resilience is well documented.

But our systems need more than creative work-arounds and personal resilience. We need practical systemic interventions to improve the state of the state. I fear our skills are called upon in ways that we have yet to demonstrate.

Large scale systemic change. For the benefit of our children and the institutions that serve them. The institutions they will inherit!

What do you think?