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Our Family Story

We are often asked, “How is it that three siblings came to work together in this business?”  The short answer is that we each joined our father’s consulting business in our own fashion after pursuing varied careers where each of us tended towards leadership, facilitation and problem solving opportunities.  As the family business became a viable option, we each joined, bringing that diverse background and experience base to the table.

There is a longer, deeper answer to this question that stems from our family history.  We were mostly raised by our father, Alan Gilburg, whose life’s work has always been (and still is) to heal the world.  As a youth worker, a pastor, an international educator, and an organizational consultant, Alan has always demonstrated a deep commitment to his vocation.

As children we coped with the challenges we faced, sometimes alone and often together as a team.  We learned some strategies for how to be safe and make the most of hard and sometimes, painful situations.  Our childhood strategies for dealing with complexity worked well enough into our adulthood.  But, as siblings and co-workers we had to find ways to bring our best to the work we do without getting side tracked by our old childhood “stories”.  This was and is a process of speaking truthfully to one another about how we are “showing up”.  The inner and interpersonal work we have done with one another has been both challenging and liberating.  This effort has strengthened our adult relationships and allowed us to be more fully present and bring the gifts we possess individually and collectively to our vocations.

We are all highly attuned to people—what they are doing and saying, how they might feel, and what they most need from themselves and others.  Our own experience of creating a strong family team has enabled us to effectively guide groups of people in their efforts at creating a stronger professional team. The candor, apprehension, and personal risk-taking that can accompany Team Alignment are places of comfort, ease, and personal experience for us.

Ultimately, we hold a strong belief, borne of our own childhood experience, that as a people, we possess the capacity to better ourselves and our situations.  We can discover the answers. We see our life’s work as being guides to those willing to seek the answers to complex challenges, answers that can be found within themselves and the people who surround them.  We are experts at working with people, and as consultants we help leaders and teams foster the trust and communication skill, or “relational capacity,” and the commitment to specific practices, that enable them to act on the knowledge they possess to do the work that desperately needs doing.

So our story brings us to your story. We imagine, like many people, you might be experiencing tricky challenges with your current work environment.  Perhaps you can see that the only route to sustained success lies in the tensile strength and capacity of your team, unit, department, division, and/or organization  to effectively collaborate together.  But despite knowing this, you might be left with the question, “How do I accomplish that?” Regardless of why you are reading this and what you are facing, we believe that the path to your desired future is best walked with a guide who is familiar with the terrain.  We are experts in the rocky, murky landscape that accompany human relationships, and we have experienced the remarkable power that surfaces when compassion and purpose are brought to those relationships. It has been the bedrock of our sustained success. It is a dominant theme to our story. 

What is your story?  What is the theme to your story?  What would you like it to be?  We have helped many individuals and groups write new chapters to their stories; chapters that read the way they want them to read, not the way they have always been. Perhaps we can support you.  Please contact us.