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Amy Gilburg

Amy Gilburg

Amy is gifted at connecting with and understanding people. Whether she is working one-on-one as a coach or with teams and large groups, Amy quickly creates a rapport with others that allows her to facilitate their safe navigation through the murky and difficult challenges that hinder personal and team relationships.

In pursuing her passions, Amy has had multiple successful careers — advertising, public relations, regional planning— prior to joining GLI in 2000. Her love of working with people and her perceptivity in helping others pursue what they deeply want has been a constant theme throughout her life.

Skilled at Jungian Typology, experiential facilitation, and graphic recording, Amy focuses on increasing an individual’s resourcefulness to identify value-centric goals, build lasting personal habits, and take practical and implementable actions to accomplish what is truly desired. She adeptly brings creativity, humor, integrity and candor to her work.

Amy earned a B.S in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.